Bakersfield Almond Orchard Session

The Almond orchards in are much awaited for in the Bakersfield area. The beautiful blooms peak somewhere between the middle to the end of February, and last for two to three weeks before the petals all fall to the ground.

Last weekend I took my girls out to take their bloom photos.150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage4150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage6150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage2

They had a great time finding roly-polies, twirling and picking dandelions.150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage3

My oldest was being a goofball towards the end. She can be quite the little actor.150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage5150221_AlmondOrchards_BlogImage1

I’m so happy we have these images to look back on. These babies are growing so fast.

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