What to Wear Wednesday | Palm Leaves

I’m always interested in fashion trends, because they have the ability to spill over into other areas of design. Last summer we saw pineapples. They were on clothing, party supplies and stationary. My favorites were there pineapples with bright colors, and gold.

This year it seems that the “new” tropical touch is the palm leaf. Palm leaves are showing up on shorts, pants, skirts, and even socks. For the most part the prints are staying true to the palm natural green, but some are a little more punched up with accent colors, like the skirt in this Polyvore set.

Whatever palm piece you choose for your wardrobe this summer, make it yours. If prints scare you, like they do me, you can always pair them with neutral or plain pieces, like the shirts pictured here.

Do you think we’re going to see palm leaves on everything this summer? Are you going to be wearing them?

Palm Leaves

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