Birthday Preview

My daughters were born two days shy of three years apart from each other. We’re efficient around here! For the past two years I picked a theme for their joint party. This year the girls have dueling opinions. My eldest wants Hello Kitty, and the smallest wants a Sofia the First party. I thought I might be able to convince one or the other to compromise, but it’s been about three months since the conversation started, and neither of them will budge.

My solution is to go with a color scheme that will go with both themes, and splash character specific things throughout the decor.

So far, I’ve bought a tablecloth I’m iffy on, some paper lace poofs, crepe paper for a tassel garland, and candles.

The hard part is deciding how to do the cake. I made two cakes when my littlest turned one, but I made one cake last year. Even though it is more work I think it will look better if I make two cakes, rather than trying to make two cartoon characters into one cohesive cake design. Plus, I want them to feel like that is their own special thing for their birthday party, since they share the celebration.

Crepe Paper / Tissue Paper, spiral candles and number candles: Target.

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